SERGIO RODRIGUES (1927 - 2014)

Sergio Rodrigues is this enlightened figure with a remarkable personality that had the ability to transform his concerns into a coherent and revealing work of the Brazilian culture. Sergio is, without a doubt, one of the most admirable design expressions in our country. His coherent and 

unique trace inscribed his name in the history of design in the 20th century, mainly for the creation of a variety of products – the most famous being the “Mole” armchair (Sheriff armchair).

Alongside masters such as Joaquim Tenreiro and Jose Zanine Caldas, Sergio has made Brazilian design internationally known. While Tenreiro, with his sober furniture, was the pioneer in the quest of a new style, Zanine extracted from the wood all of its expressive potential and Sergio Rodrigues developed vast experience of production, looking to “think” Brazil through design. He totally transformed furniture jargon, was generous in the trace and the use of native wood and, as Lucio Costa well affirmed, with the creation of OCA (his first interior design store) integrated the interior ambiance in the renovation movement of Brazilian architecture