1934 - born in Teplice-Schönau, Northern Bohemia (Sudetenland) 

1948 - resettled to Bavaria 

1954 - Abitur in Coburg 

1954 - beginning of studies, art education at the University Mainz .

1956 - change to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. A factory semester ceramic by Franz Eska.

1959 - 1st state examination

1961 - 2nd state examination

Career entry as an art teacher at a grammar school in Speyer. Soon contacts to J.W.Hinder in Deidesheim - first as a collector, later by the suggestion of Mrs. Reimers also own experiments, whereby my interest was primarily the ash and rock glazes. Over time, I manage to increase the quality so that Mr. Hinder also acquires some work for his sale.

1971 - Change of duty - Gymnasium Gengenbach / Südbaden. The purchase of our own kiln with a capacity of 1300 ° promotes the production of our own ceramics, but this employment was always of secondary importance to me. Due to the financial security through my main job, I have never tried to exhibit or distribute our products, apart from the participation in the, Westerwald Prize 1977 and a joint exhibition in the local Sparkasse (bank). The ceramics filled the shelves in our house or wandered as gifts to friends.

1996 - retirement

1997 - Relocation to eastern Allgäu. Renovation of an old farmhouse and conversion of the small cowshed to a real workshop, in which then we continu to produce.

2001 - collective exhibition with local artists 

Continuing activity with ceramics, mainly wood design.